2022-2023 Power Play Robot

Theseus, Up-A-Creek's 2022-2023 PowerPlay robot, uses a mecanum drive base with custom-machined side plates. It is a variation of last year's Freight Frenzy robot, but everything has been completely redesigned to better suit PowerPlay. Now it features a better turret bearing, taller lift and longer slide, among other modifications. The lift is powered by a motor and the linear slide is powered by a Savox servo.

The grippers use foam on 3D printed parts attached to polycarbonate which allows for flex when gripping cones.

The junction brace is used to align the junction to a predictable place, using beam break sensors to detect the junction. To protect the junction brace and junction brace servo there is a part called the breakaway which uses a spring and magnets to break off and then return quickly to the same place.

The robot also features a simple cone righting mechanism deployed with a servo. The curved shape of the cone righter allows it to right cones from many angles.