2021-2022 Freight Frenzy

The intake uses surgical tubing with springs inside. This allowed the robot to pick up both the balls and cubes as quickly as possible. A switch inside the intake told the robot when the element was secured inside. This was the team's first year using autonomous coding principles during teleop.

The linear slide is powered by a Savox servo. This was the team's first robot using a turret. The robot is designed to be as light as possible to be as fast as possible and many parts including the turret bearing have lots of weight removed.

There was a belt between the wheels to keep the robot from getting stuck on the pipes. There are servo controlled barriers that could be raised or lowered to prevent driving over the pipes. Raisable odometry wheels kept from getting stuck on the pipes. Color sensors were used to read the white bars at the entrances to the warehouses to automatically reset odometry.